The round lines and softness of the chair's design connotes coziness and comfort, with its circular and amporphous shape brought into an interior space. The range of finishings, the various functions of the base and different upholstery options make the Ripple chair an excellent, versatile piece that has strong appeal and sophisticated details. Optionally, the body of the chair can be combined with a stiff shell made of polyester resin through injection molding. It can also be mass-pigmented in a selected color and combined with fabric or leather for a more refined look.

The body of the chair can be combined with various types of legs, depending on the desired function. In the most spectacular version, flame resistant, foam-injected legs are integrally upholstered with the rest of the body. The materials for the base of the chair – aluminum and steel or powder coating– allow for the chair to be used in offices as well as conference and reception rooms. Fully upholstered legs turn the chair into a perfect, outstanding piece to be placed at various types of dining tables.

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