Woodstock REC

Woodstock REC


The Woodstock is a table series designed by Hans Thyge & Co for Icons of Denmark. Produced specifically for the contract market, the series of conference tables are designed to be multi-purpose, functional surfaces with the ability to be used in any professional environment. The tables can be technology integrated with power sockets and USB plugs. The meeting table at 740mm height is available in a wide range of finishes and sizes.

D 35.4” x H 70.9”
D 47.2” x H 82.7”
d 47.2” x h 94.5”
d 47.2” x h 116.1”
d 47.2” x h 126”
d 47.2” x h 141.7”
d 47.2” x h 165.4”
d 47.2” x h 196.9”

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