M, Em, or Max as I’m known at Burning Man, were part of my inspiration in creating MCONTRAST.

I was raised in South Africa and studied design in the New York concrete jungle. These two opposite experiences have influenced and shaped my approach to life and design.

It all started at my boarding school, the African version of Hogwarts that had its own special type of magic. At twelve I had my design epiphany. The project was to draw “something completely different but the same.”

Zebras would often graze on our playing fields. That day four grazing statues stood in perfect monochromatic contrast. I chose to draw four boxes and within each a stylized representation of their stripes.

Like our fingerprints each Zebra’s stripes are unique: we are all completely different but the same.
Ironically—although I had conceptualized within the confines of 4 boxes—my first design project was the catalyst for thinking outside the box whenever I design or curate products.

To quote Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

M / Em / Max / Emma