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Acoustic Panel & Tile

Our acoustic panel and tile coverings suitable for walls or ceilings will mitigate noise. The panel and tile designs are inspired by nature and architectural elements, available in multiple sizes, shapes, and sizes, embracing rectilinear or organic modular designs. These flat or molded tiles and panels convey movement and create unique patterns. Available in thirty-six colors with standard straight or chamfered edges. They are easy to install with either heavy-duty construction adhesive or magnets while providing sound softening and an all-natural texture.
  • Batura Batura
  • Bitter Bitter
  • Bitter Horizontal Bitter Horizontal
  • Cracker Cracker
  • Cracker Edge Cracker Edge
  • Cube Cube
  • Frequency Frequency
  • Honeycomb Honeycomb
  • Inception Inception
  • Make Up Make Up
  • Manta Manta
  • Metamorphosis Metamorphosis