CRT takes pride manufacturing the highest quality rugs with unsurpassed attention to detail, and an intimate involvement in the custom design and construction process suitable for commercial and hospitality applications.  Rugs are works of art meant to transcend time and trends. We aspire to create and supply environments with liveable art that can last and enhance an environment.  As a family-owned business with over fifty years in business CRT’s main goal is to unite heritage textile craftsmanship with contemporary design vision while maintaining a dedication to quality and an uncompromising pursuit of beauty that has helped revolutionise rug design and restore rug-making to the status of fine art. CRT continues to protect and preserve the world’s weaving traditions, while pushing at the creative possibilities of design.


Kastel (KTL)

Kastel is a dynamic company with consolidated productive capabilities which operates in the field of interior decoration. Its production comprises various types of seating for the office, communities and the home. Celebrating comfort with design. This is the company mission and the philosophy of every step of company production. Kastel production lines, as a result of deep and authentic ergonomic research, offer the best functionality and a highly prestigious image, granted by a constantly evolving quality. Kastel success is also the consequence of the professional attitude of its staff and partners. The ability to work in a team that share common values and embracing personal growth within an everchanging market



Balma (BLM)

Balma’s Think Pro philosophy, which they follow, has developed through years of experience. It incorporates the perspective of the investor – PRO BUSINESS, the user – PRO CLIENT, and the space – PRO DESIGN. This comprehensive approach sees the office as an effective tool and the foundation of every success. Our starting point is always the people and their work style. We study each scenario, incorporating their input and this can deliver tangible results showing that it is not just the available space that is important to more

Noti (NTI)

NOTI is a brand of furniture made in Poland, which has been on the market for 16 years. The brand stands for responsible design, and has its roots in a family history. Since 2005, Ryszard Balcerkiewicz, the company’s founder, has been consistently implementing his chief principle of “design first”, creating furniture with timeless, simple, and elegant forms, focusing on aspects of functionality, comfort and durability.

At NOTI, design is seen as a conscious effort in which the function, needs and lifestyle of the prospective user, as well as the quality of meticulously selected materials and the hand-made product, make up a harmonious whole. This central idea is now continued by a representative of the next generation – Bartosz Bejnarowicz, the company’s current President.

NOTI is a brand known for stylistically diverse, original sofas, armchairs, pouffes, chairs and tables made of top-quality materials, designed for residential buildings, offices, and public spaces. What sets us apart is flexibility in offering various forms and sizes, coupled with a focus on modular and systemic designs, and a wide range of fabrics. On that basis, architects, investors and individual clients get the freedom to design interiors that are tailor-made to specific needs. Throughout the entire process of furniture-making, we concentrate not only on the origin of materials but, above all,  the exquisite handiwork of experienced Polish craftsmen, which culminates in achieving superior product quality.

In a nutshell, NOTI is a brand with history, created by people with passion. All collections arise from cooperation with the most reputable designers who are involved at every stage of product creation and marketing. Our designers are highly esteemed authors of award-winning designs, exhibition curators or lecturers working at the best universities in Poland and worldwide.

At NOTI, we are constantly on the lookout for novel ideas, talents, and innovative technological solutions. We keep a watchful eye on changing user needs, and we keep up with the evolving world around us. We care for the environment by undertaking eco-friendly initiatives, and using products, services and technologies that reduce the environmental impact, and bring down the consumption of energy, raw materials and other valuable resources.

We enjoy talking about functional, smartly designed collections, and we are always open to
dialogue and partnership. We collaborate with universities and students who get the opportunity to showcase their designs, but also participate in the process of prototyping and manufacturing.
This is a chance for young designers to take their first steps in their chosen profession, but also a great added value for the company. In this way, the NOTI brand makes an active contribution to creating an environment where young talents can develop and pursue bold ideas representing Polish furniture design.

Beautiful and functional design in combination with exquisite hand craftsmanship – this the essence of our brand which has a long-standing industry-wide appreciation. NOTI collections are regularly featured among the nominated and award-winning products at the most prestigious designer contests both in Poland and abroad. They are easily recognisable by their style, and highly valued by art critics, journalists, architects and interior stylists alike.

In addition, NOTI is a brand strongly committed to corporate social responsibility, relying on carefully selected suppliers and involved in activities for the benefit of the local community.


Missana (MSA)

MISSANA is located in Valencia, an area where the Mediterranean and the sunlight play a leading role. It is formed by a team of upholsterer masters with more than 25 years of experience. Our handcrafted furniture is designed for contract, hospitality and household projects.

Our collection is the result of carrying out a process of research and development when each item is produced with emotion, passion, and affection. Every product reflects the essence of our philosophy: optimism, craftsmanship and colour.

We call our company’s philosophy “Made locally”.  It is known for having a supply chain located in areas less than 60km from our facilities. This is an indication of our intentions, respect and admiration for the local products and for the local artisans.


Johanson Design (JHS)

Johanson Design’s history began when Börje Johanson came up with the idea to sew cushions, and then began a company. Through the years, we have reached an international audience by focusing on Scandinavian design and sterling furniture craftsmanship. Public spaces worldwide are our home territory.

We are expanding our collections in close collaboration with some of Europe’s foremost furniture designers. Their ideas combined with our handicraft tradition from Småland imbue our products with a truly special style and feel.

Virtually all of our production takes place in our modern production plants in Markaryd. As a result, we have total control over frame manufacturing, cutting, sewing, upholstery, assembly, and metalwork. We also offer an enormous selection of upholstery designs and 399 different RAL colours for our furniture’s metal parts. Together, this gives our customers wide freedom of choice, short delivery times, and most importantly, high quality.

Quality and environment are important keywords for us. That is why our company is certified according to ISO 14001, and the criteria for Möbelfakta are fulfilled. We also meet the highest EU standards for testing and sustainability in public spaces. Sound-absorbing properties are tested according to EU standards and all our products are durability tested by RISE Research Institute of Sweden AB.

Today, Johanson is an international company with 60 employees and annual sales of SEK 170 million. Our timeless Scandinavian designs are in high demand worldwide, and we have faithful customers in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our goal is to grow while maintaining quality and delivery performance – with the same dedication and service that we give our customers today.


Deberenn (DBN)

The human body has evolved over millions of years to do one thing: move. Since this flawless anatomy is not designed to sit for an extended period of time, we are exposed to back pain throughout our lives due to unsuitable seats. This anatomical rebellion emphasizing the harmony between seats and the human body is the start point of the “anatomy of innovation” that encourages us to produce versatile and durable designs perfectly matching the human body.

We are striving to design anatomically comfortable working and waiting areas and enhance people’s life quality to the best level. And in doing so, we race against time. We bring the oldest known methods and the state-of-the-art technology together to convert a flawless design into a flawless production through contemporary machinery and manufacturing philosophies. Our production facility that enforced with the most advanced machinery technology, works with the aim of zero error margin and sustains production diversity under one roof where we create our own time zone.

Instead of sailing in safe waters and following the already known route, we preferred to touch the future and shape it. We collaborated with designers with a futureproof DNA, designed our dreams with our new collection’s creators; David Fox, Christophe Pillet, Esat Fisek, Bartoli Design, Farm Design, Bona Design, Favaretto & Partners, Stefan Brodbeck, Yonoh Creative Studio and Emma Robson. These experienced freelance designers’ works have been realized and completed by additional developments of studio deberenn; an internal research and design group. For studio deberenn, time is the evolution of great design.

It is deberenn’s success to stand out amongst competitors and move forward with stronger steps to increase market and brand recognition with a long-term perspective for the needs of every type of contract project; offices, lounges, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, educational areas, airports, and even living areas.

Our success to present smart and innovative products is based upon a synthesis of material quality, function, aesthetics, cost, flexibility, and true attention to details. An experienced production team crafts designs into reality by displaying their skills and adding quality and value to our company culture. Each collection steps into the production phase with the intention of going beyond the previous one. Small or large-scale projects, traditional or futuristic approaches, combined or abstracted designs, home, office, or public spaces…Each project is designed and resolved within its own requirements and dynamics and delivered to its address on time.

Since our futuristic and ergonomic designs transcending our boundaries through our production techniques and technology, our products are naturally spread over 40 countries.

Feltouch (FTH)

Feltouch is a manufacturing and product development company specializing in PET felt with advanced fibre & non-woven textile technology. Our main target is to supply a diverse range of consumer, commercial and innovative industrial felt products to markets all over the world. We design high performance acoustic absorbers using unique & smart designs for all interior spaces to improve speech intelligibility, well-being, concentration and performance. Feltouch offer various kind of solutions through range of standard or customizable products tailored to projects. We have a limitless will to work alongside architects, interior designers and facility managers to offer the best possible acoustic and decorative outcome for interiors.