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Office 2022 - office space trends06.21.2023

  • The last two years have been a time of tremendous change in the work environment, driven by the pandemic and fuelled by the need to adapt offices to new safety and comfort requirements. Throughout this time, we have asked ourselves – what will offices look like in a post-COVID reality? We even wondered if they would be necessary at all?
  • 1. Hybrid Working Model

  • Several months have passed, and the coronavirus is still going strong. The pandemic has become our reality, so to speak. In the meantime, it became clear that there are some downsides to remote work, even though it seemed like the perfect solution at the beginning of the pandemic. Employees are increasingly eager to return to their offices after several months of isolation. The question is: do they need offices as they knew before? What will the office look like in 2022? We bring you 6 trends that modern workplaces are moving towards.
  • Organisations are clearly changing their attitude towards the idea of a centralised workplace, shifting to a hybrid style of working that combines remote and in-office work. A modern, well-designed hybrid office is a place for employees to work, meet and integrate. It is supposed to provide a high level of comfort at work, but its main job is to build a sense of belonging, maintain relationships and shape the bond between the employee and the organisation. That is why it is so important to arrange space properly, with separate zones for different functions that allow employees to work focused, do some creative work, or have a place for team meetings or relaxation. Here, everyone will find a place for themselves, tailored to their individual needs and the tasks at hand.
  • 2. Mobility

  • 3. Individual Workspace

  • A modern office space must be flexible and respond quickly to ever-changing needs. There are no rows of desks or typical conference rooms here. Instead, there are hot desks used by employees who are currently working in the office or mobile acoustic booths for small meetings. With it, the interior has additional space, which can be arranged as you see fit using mobile furniture. Swivel chairs, stackable chairs, modular sofas, and lightweight partitions can be stowed away or rearranged if necessary, quickly changing the office configuration.Visualisation of a hybrid office
  • Accustomed to working alone, we may feel a great deal of discomfort when we return to the office. Noise and a large number of people in the office can effectively distract us and have an adverse effect on our efficiency. That's why perfectly soundproofed booths and cubes and other designated retreats that allow you to work focused will become more and more common in open space. There will also be cosy quiet zones looking more like a home than an office, where you can relax and recharge your batteries.