General Notes


COM (Customer’s Own Material) is only available if the textile is part of the Kvadrat or Gabriel Collection and can be sourced in Europe. Pricing will be determined accordingly.


Camira collection, King Pleather and Sierra leather are the contract graded in options offered in five different price groups from B to F


The foam meets the highest fire classification CMHR Combustion: Modified High Resilience..

Two-tone upholstery

The two-tone upholstery option is available for specific products. Both textiles can be specified from different textile collections within the same grade when selecting this option.

Special stitch

Five custom stitch options are available on specific products.Five custom stitch options are available on specific products.


Vertical and horizontal channeling is available on specific products.


When referencing a product’s handedness as “left” or “right,” the orientation is always determined by facing the product unless otherwise specified by us.

Powder coat finish

This durable, environmentally friendly paint finish provides a choice of thirty-three standard colors. Custom colors can be considered upon request for large production runs, subject to an additional upcharge..

Metal finish

Six standard metal finishes are available on specific products.


Sixteen standard colors are available for HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) laminate. This manufactured product has an MDF substrate made from recycled content. It is heat—and scratch-resistant, providing resistance to micro-scratches and abrasion. Additionally, it is more durable than wood veneer or stone.


Seventeen standard lacquered paint colors are available for specific products. Our lacquer finish is a solid paint finish applied to MDF or Ash wood. When Ash wood is lacquered, the wood grain is not visible. However, please note that this finish is heat-sensitive and can scratch easily.

Soft Touch Laminate

Five standard soft-touch laminate colors are available, providing a protective finish with a matte effect and a soft, velvet-like texture. This laminate boasts high resistance to micro-scratches and abrasion.

Wood base & frame

Ash wood, being a natural and heterogeneous material, results in products with unique appearances. Solid ash wood is available in eleven standard wood stains.

Wood Veneer

Rift-cut Ash wood veneer is offered in eleven standard wood stains.


Eighteen standard natural stone options are available, each showcasing unique grain and color characteristics specific to individual slabs. It’s important to note that common foods and drinks containing acids can etch or dull the stone’s surface.


We offer in-house production capabilities, enabling customization for specific collections. These capabilities allow us to provide a wide range of custom solutions, from customizing standard products to offering complete custom services.

Lead Time

Once we receive the 50% deposit and all signed documents, our standard lead time is 12 to 14 weeks.


Refer to our warranty information here

Terms & Conditions
Refer to our Terms & Conditions information here.

Trade Discount

Trade or volume discounts are available on request where applicable

Sea Freight

Sea freight is charged based on cubic volume, at 9% of the Total List Price. An order will not be accepted unless it includes the freight charge.

Order Placement

Orders received missing signed and dated technical drawings will not be accepted until all required documents are submitted.


Our payment terms require a 50% non-refundable deposit upon placing the order for the product, freight, delivery, and installation (if provided by MCONTRAST). The remaining 50% of the project payment is due before delivery to the client’s site or warehouse.