Oslo MSA

Price $1,871.00

  • Code:


  • Dimensions:

    23.2" W x 19.6" D x 29.5" H x 18" SH

  • Textile Grade:

    Grade B

    Citadel, Cara, Carlow

  • Frame Finish:

    Standard RAL

    RAL 1000, RAL 1001, RAL 1002, RAL 1004 , RAL 1005, RAL 1006, RAL 1007 , RAL 1011, RAL 1012, RAL 1013, RAL 1014, RAL 1015, RAL 1016 , RAL 1017, RAL 1018, RAL 1019, RAL 1020, RAL 1021, RAL 1023, RAL 1024, RAL 1027, RAL 1028, RAL 1032, RAL 1033, RAL 1034, RAL 1037, RAL 2000, RAL 2001, RAL 2002, RAL 2003, RAL 2004, RAL 2008, RAL 2009, RAL 2010, RAL 2011, RAL 2012, RAL 3000, RAL 3001, RAL 3002, RAL 3003, RAL 3004, RAL 3005, RAL 3307, RAL 3009, RAL 3011, RAL 3012, RAL 3013, RAL 3014, RAL 3015, RAL 3016, RAL 3017 , RAL 3018, RAL 3020 , RAL 3022, RAL 3027, RAL 3028, RAL 3031, RAL 4001, RAL 4002, RAL 4003, RAL 4004, RAL 4005, RAL 4006, RAL 4007, RAL 4008, RAL 4009, RAL 4010, RAL 5000, RAL 5001, RAL 5002 , RAL 5003, RAL 5004, RAL 5005, RAL 5007, RAL 5008, RAL 5009, RAL 5010, RAL 5011, RAL 5012, RAL 5013, RAL 5014, RAL 5015, RAL 5017, RAL 5018, RAL 5019, RAL 5020, RAL 5021, RAL 5022, RAL 5023, RAL 5024, RAL 6000, RAL 6001, RAL 6002, RAL 6003, RAL 6004, RL 6005, RAL 6006, RAL 6007, RAL 6008, RAL 6009, RAL 6010, RAL 6011, RAL 6012, RAL 6013 , RAL 6014, RAL 6015, RAL 6016, RAL 6017, RAL 6018, RAL 6019, RAL 6020, RAL 6021, RAL 6022, RAL 6024, RAL 6025, RAL 6025, RAL 6026, RAL 6027, RAL 6028, RAL 6029, RAL 6032, RAL 6033 , RAL 6034, RAL 6037, RAL 7000, RAL 7001, RAL 7002, RAL 7003 , RAL 7004, RAL 7005, RAL 7006, RAL 7008, RAL 7009, RAL 7010, RAL 7011, RAL 7012, RAL 7013, RAL 7015, RAL 7016, RAL 7021, RAL 7022, RAL 7023, RAL 7024, RAL 7026, RAL 7030, RAL 7031, RAL 7031, RAL 7033, RAL 7034, RAL 7035, RAL 7036, RAL 7037, RAL 7038, RAL 7039, RAL 7040, RAL 7042, RAL 7043, RAL 7044, RAL 7045, RL 7046, RAL 7047, RAL 8000, RAL 8001, RAL 8002, RL 8003, RAL 8011, RAL 8012, RAL 8014, RAL 8015, RAL 8016, RAL 8017, RAL 8019, RAL 8022, RAL 8023, RAL 8024, RAL 8025, RAL 8028, RAL 9001, RAL 9002, RAL 9003, RAL 9004, RAL 9005, RAL 9006, RAL 9007, RAL 9010, RAL 9011,RAL 9016, RAL 9017, RAL 9018

  • Description:

    The Oslo armchair has a beech wood frame, four legs, and fixed upholstered seat and back cushion. There are 6 graded in textile groups to select from. The wood frame and legs are available in 7 wood colors or 6 lacquered RAL colors for an additional up-charge. Provided below are the textile and finish option PDF’s. *Custom Finishes are available on request; an additional up-charge may apply.

  • Notes:
    Our website published price does not include Sales Tax so any applicable Sales Tax will be added to the invoice and order documents unless a resale certificate is provided.
    Purchase orders submitted to MCONTRAST missing the Freight and the Surcharge amount, Textile and/ or Finish selections, or signed technical drawings are considered incomplete and the order can’t be processed until all the information and payment is provided.

    MCONTRAST must be informed within 7 business days of any damaged product delivered to your warehouse with accompanying photos of the product and packing cartons
  • Discount:
    Trade discount available upon request.
    * If you need further information, please reach out to your MCONTRAST Representative or Project Manager.
  • Lead Time:
    Our lead time is 12-14
    Lead time commences when the PO is received including signed and dated drawings (if applicable) and the required 50% deposit.
    Due to global issues, 12 -14 week lead time may extend by two weeks in certain situations.
    * If you need further information, please reach out to your MCONTRAST Representative or Project Manager.
  • Freight:
    The above “List Price” does not include freight.
    Freight will be 12% from the Total Project List Price of $ 125,000 upwards
    Freight will be calculated case by for orders less than the stated the Total Project List Price of $ 125,000 threshold
    A surcharge of 5% on the Total Project List Price will be added to the order due to the current global situation.
    MCONTRAST must be informed within 7 business days of any damaged product delivered to your warehouse with accompanying photos of the product and packing cartons.
    * If you need further information, please reach out to your MCONTRAST Representative or Project Manager.



Graded In Textiles

Graded In Textiles

Graded In Finishes

Graded In Finishes




Nerida Chin - Office Manager


Nabil Furughi - Senior Furniture Consultant


MCONTRAST has an amazing portfolio of design-led commercial grade furniture pieces which stand out from the rest of the market. Their exceptional service and experienced design team have overcome many challenges, focused on providing the best solutions for our clients, and delivered some beautiful projects together.

Casey Reede - Senior Associate Business Development


Em was so incredible and easy to work with! Her team was flexible and so accommodating. They created the most beautiful pieces for our new office that we will have for years to come. Everyone who walks into our space is in awe of everything from the lights, the furniture, the textures, shapes, colors- everything! Could not recommend Em and her team at MCONTRAST more!

Claire McPoland - Senior Associate | Interior Design Professional


Emma and her team are a very unique combination. Their commitment to understanding your vision and working collaboratively with you as a designer is hugely valuable. Their passion for sourcing new and exciting products acknowledges an evolving workplace in which innovative furniture solutions are key.

Danielle Arps - Co-Founder and Head of Design at Artisan


Working with Emma and MCONTRAST adds so much value to any team. She works to ensure the best result and will problem solve, and troubleshoot until you get to reach the desired goal. I can't recommend her enough as a consultant and partner for design projects, especially those of a larger scope!

Dr. Mark Albert - M.D., F.A.C.S


I recently renovated my medical office and Emma was beyond phenomenal as a designer and MCONTRAST consultant. Emma has exquisite taste and is extremely detailed oriented. Most importantly, she would not rest until every single detail was 100% perfect. Her choices for Mcontrast pieces were ideal, and not only did she consider the space but also considered my clientele‘s characteristics when choosing the dimensions of the furniture. Highly recommend, A+++++.

Kerry Murphy - Director | Design & Planning, Lifestyle at Hyatt Hotels Corporation


MCONTRAST offers a great curated collection of contract products. Emma is a highly-skilled designer who is also incredibly thorough and passionate about creating a beautiful product and supporting the design vision of the interior designer.

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