• On Saturday May 14th during Łódź Design Festival Must Have statues were awarded. Our collection of Gummy Bear lounge chairs designed by Jan Kochanski received one of them. We are happy and proud of this award. We would like to thank the designer for his creativity and cooperation in this technologically challenging project and for getting our collection noticed and honored by the competition jury.
  • Offices are evolving and, with them, the solutions that are part of the modern working environment. The space of the modern office is still open, but with clear divisions between formal and informal areas. Some are designed to encourage individual work, others to support interaction between co-workers. Functional office furniture to help plan the arrangement is a step towards a modern office space.
  • Creating a flexible workspace that meets the different expectations of its users is an extremely difficult task. The key to success may be to use the Leaf_Pod collection of modular furniture designed by Dmitri Maltsev in the arrangement. Leaf_Pod is a solution designed for comfortable open space working, combining the need to collaborate in a team with working in isolation.
  • Multifunctional Leaf_pod furniture with a wide range of applications

  • The new standard: Work Areas in Multidisciplinary Spaces

  • The Leaf_pod collection is difficult to classify unequivocally into one typical group of furniture products. It combines a number of different functions and has the features of a bench, the comfort of soft seating furniture and the functionality of acoustic products. Leaf_pod is ideal for zoned offices, enabling 3 different functional areas to be separated: work, collaboration and rest.
  • The concentration area designed by Dymitr Malcew, created mainly for working in silence, is a real mine of new ideas, concepts and original designs. Thanks to the various configurations of Leaf_pod modules, which include a desk, sofa and canopy-covered acoustic wall, it is possible to design a comfortable workspace conducive to increased concentration, without closing off the possibility of communicating freely with co-workers. In hybrid offices, employees currently in the office can use single focus_pod workstations, while in large call centres, a snake_pod set will solve problems with noise and lack of privacy.